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Pingo is a pre-paid calling card service, which provides you with economical rates on domestic and international long distance. They offer matchless features, unfussiness and expediency. Unlike a number of other prepaid calling cards, they don’t have any hidden fees of charges. Using Pingo international phone cards require just a small monthly maintenance cost.


This service is under the umbrella of iBasis, a KPN Company, which is one of the world’s top global long-distance phone calls carriers. They deliver more than 1.3 billion minutes monthly of worldwide calls to more than 500 telephone carriers. This network is your guarantee of higher quality and dependability as well as the most viable calling rates available.

Since 1997, the supreme networks like Verizon and AT&T have counted on the high-class and cut-rate compensation of the iBasis network. In the company of Pingo, you may too with a reliant protected network.

Why Pingo?

As per company claims, “when you say that Pingo is the last calling card you’ll ever want they mean it.” They have superbly high consumer trustworthiness and client satisfaction tariff. They further claim that the 93% of their clientele renew their calling cards!

Their clients like them because they offer first-class, inexpensive international and long distance calling service to over 100 countries. Their unique service is user-friendly and doesn’t involve consumers to buy any new tools or switch phone carriers, contrasting other VoIP partner plans.

  • Enjoy their RISK FREE satisfaction guarantee or you can get your money back!
  • Have making web dial calls from 200+ countries for 1.75¢/minute only.
  • Benefit from their trusted secure network, which monthly sends more than 1.3 billion International minutes.
  • Have the benefit of the handiness of online account management with Quick pin-less dialing and mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and more.
  • Experience the fastest connections with their Speed Dial option.
  • All your minutes remain topped up so you’ll never be disconnected because of inadequate funds with their Auto Recharge facility.
  • Enjoy a proven network, which assures you a 100% steadfast, clear calling features.


You can have international dialing options with a prepaid calling card, prepaid cell phone card, India calling cards, calling card Canada, long distance phone card, and other telephone cards.

India calling card allows you to make a long distance call with low-priced phone card at rates no other calling card to India can compete. If worldwide calls aren’t your meeting point and you’re not in search of an India prepaid phone card, you can also get competitively priced domestic long distance calling cards.

US calling card is as trustworthy and economical as any other calling card, Canada or India. It doesn’t matter what you call for, have international calling card or USA calling card and save.


Company claims that they provide you with a 100% call quality guarantee. You enjoy a maximum RISK FREE satisfaction guarantee or you can get your money back! They maintain above 95% customer withholding rate made from excellent customer support accessible 7/30/365.

How and Where to Get?

Your valid credit card or PayPal account is obligatory to get their prepaid calling card service. Stop your dependence on non-refundable calling cards and pricey suppliers. Fulfillment assured or you can refund your outstanding phone card balance minus any free bonus credit minutes. 100% call value credit is derived from reporting confirmed dropped calls for valid minutes charged up to $5.00/month.

How It Works

It’s simple to Pingo! Whether you’re calling another continent or state, it doesn’t get any easier than this matchless service. After signing up to your account, just dial the toll-free or local access number for the area you’re calling from and stick with the prompts. You can list the handsets/phones you utilize most frequently using your PINpass. You never again need to feed your PIN and account number.

Calling Instructions

You can enjoy making calls either from your handsets or from your computer. This is the matter of your own choice and convenience!

Making Calls from Your Handsets

Step 1: Dial your desired toll-free or local access number.

Step 2: Enter your PIN and account number at the voice prompt. (You can use your PINpass and skip step 2)

Step 3: Now dial your desired number with its country code and press # (hash key). (You may also like to use Pingo Speed Dial to shorten this step to one or two numbers only!)

Step 4: Don’t hang up to make another call; just wait two seconds once the other party has hung up and dial your new desired number and press #.

Making Calls from Your Computer

  • You may like to use Pingo Soft Phone to make calls from your computer as per the directions mentioned below:
  • Without problems call your friends & family on any phone from any Internet ready computer
  • No complex software installations or downloads
  • Prevent wasting your valuable mobile phone minutes
  • End paying elevated international roaming charges while making calls
  • Have remarkable call quality with great calling facilities
  • No agreements to sign

Things to Watch Out

  • You cannot use this service for 911 calling. Please note they have the facility to keep data that you give on their website even though you do not complete your listing. Such data and contact details may be applied to contact you to ask why you did not complete your operation.
  • You cannot make any emergency calls with Pingo Softphone. You should depend on another service for this purpose.
  • There are no extra fees but taxes and nominal maintenance fees may apply.
  • Calls derived from payphone or a mobile may be conditional on roaming charges or a surcharge forced by your mobile phone carrier.
  • You may want to see their Privacy Policy for full fine points.

Hot Offer

Get Your $10 Calling Card Bonus Now! This is a limited time offer and will expire by the end of this month! This will apply to new customers only. Sign Up and grab 10.00 US in free calling when you sign up for a 20.00 US pre-paid calling card.


To my valued readers, here are some recently announced hottest offers … a great saving opportunity for those who are more than willing to take things further … Cheers…!!!


Happy Calling To Your Beloved Ones At The Rates No One Can Offer



Click Here To Sign Up  And Start Enjoying Quality Calls Right Now From Its Safe, Official Website


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